Q. What is the Reintegration Handbook?

This Handbook aims to provide practical guidance on the design, implementation and monitoring of reintegration assistance for returnees. While reintegration is a process taking place in different return contexts (for example following spontaneous, forced or assisted voluntary returns, or internal displacement), the Handbook focuses on assistance provided to migrants unable or unwilling to remain in the host country.

The Handbook has been conceived as a hands-on tool, targeting the various stakeholders involved in the provision of reintegration-related support at different levels and at different stages: project developers, project managers and case managers but also policy makers and other reintegration practitioners. The Handbook is written on the basis that the goal of reintegration assistance is to foster sustainable reintegration, defined in the next section, for returnees and that this requires a whole-of-government approach, through the adoption of coordinated measures, policies, and practices between relevant stakeholders at the international, regional, national and local levels. Each module will specify which target audience it is aimed at.


Q. How can I find the information I need?

You can navigate to a specific page or document through the menu on the Home Page, arranged by modules or by using the search function.


Q. Is the Return and Reintegration Handbook available offline and/or in hardcopy?

Navigating the content of the Handbook is only possible online. However, pages can be downloaded as PDF documents to be read offline.


Q. How often is the handbook updated?

Content will be added and/or updated on an ongoing basis. Notifications of any updates will be highlighted through the ‘New updates’ section.   


Q. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A. You may submit your questions and comments through the dedicated feedback” section.


Q. Which languages is the Handbook available in?

The Reintegration Handbook is currently available in English with the Spanish, Arabic and French versions to be launched in the subsequent enhancements. 


Q. How can I share content from the Handbook with my colleagues?

Once you have accessed the page you are interested in, you can click on the “Copy Link” icon at the top. You can then share the link by email.


Q. Am I able to print certain sections of the handbook?

Yes, once you have accessed the page you are interested in, just click on the “Print” icon.


Q. Which accessibility features are available?

You can enlarge font and view in dark mode, by clicking on the menu icon in the top bar on the right.


Q: What browser should I use to access the Handbook?

The recommended browser for the Reintegration Handbook is Microsoft Edge.


Q: Is the Handbook accessible from any device?

Currently, the Handbook is available in web version, the mobile version will be included in the subsequent phases.